The Team of AaDC GmbH

Michael C. Löhrke

Dangerous goods representative and managing director

Since the 1.12.1993 Mr Löhrke entered the services of Flughafen Frankfurt AG and learned the job the state checked Aircraft handler. By his activity at a volunteer fire brigade Flörsheim the interest in dangerous goods was always the Main Taunus circles and the Radation Protection there.

After various courses Mr Löhrke was into the dangerous goods ivision of the FAG. Mr Löhrke became it wooed away from 2.05.2000 by a company in Kelsterbach as a dangerous goods clerk. He took this one as of January 2003 Dangerous goods division of this company at Frankfurt airport as works manager and signing clerk.

Since the 1.05.2004 Mr Löhrke is active for our enterprise and is the contact for problems with or without a Dangerous Goods Packaging